Hints of House 6-year $230 Billion Highway Reauthorization

Hints of House 6-year $230 Billion Highway Reauthorization

Early reports have spilled some of the beans on Rep. John Mica’s proposal for the next transportation reauthorization, which he’s rolling out today. (Note that he’s still not formally introducing the bill and we’ll have no draft legislative text to pore over. With luck, he’ll at least give a timeline today for when that’s coming.)

Here’s what we’re hearing:

  • It’s a six-year bill, putting it immediately into conflict with the Senate’s two-year proposal.
  • It will allocate $35 billion a year, although that would make it a $210 billion bill over six years and most of the reports we’re seeing say $230 billion.
  • The way we calculate this, it’s almost a 40% cut from existing levels. (SAFETEA-LU allocated $286 billion over five years, equaling $57.2 billion per year.) The Ryan budget had called for a 30 percent cut.

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