BidSync Quadruples Number of Government Bid Notifications Available to Businesses

BidSync leverages new technology to increase bid notification production by tens of thousands per month.

AMERICAN FORK, UTAH - BidSync, a national leader in government e-procurement, e-sourcing software and bid notifications, has implemented a number of technology enhancements that increase the number of government bid notifications it makes available to businesses on a daily basis.

In 2009, through its Links PLUS bid notification system, BidSync presented about 20,000 state, local, federal and military government bids to vendors and businesses every month. Since then, it has incorporated new technology that automates research to identify more bid opportunities from more bid sources throughout the United States and Canada. In 2010, the average was 50,000 bids per month. In 2011, BidSync is delivering an average of 70,000 to almost 90,000 bids per month to its subscribers, and the numbers are expected to grow.

"We invest heavily in our ability to capture, classify and quickly deliver relevant government bids to our subscribers," said Sabrina Stover, CEO of BidSync. "We have seen increases in the number of state, local, federal and military bids, RFPs and contract opportunities. This demonstrates an improvement in our ability to find new sources, but it also indicates a trend that government purchasing is still strong. With BidSync solutions, large and small businesses have more opportunities to grow while government agencies find the suppliers to meet their needs."

New technology enhancements have provided BidSync subscribers with faster research and faster delivery of bids so they can increase the likelihood of submitting bids in a timely manner. BidSync is also able to classify bids faster and more accurately to directly deliver a greater volume of bids that are relevant to the goods and services each subscriber provides.

These technological advancements are available to subscribers through BidSync Links PLUS. BidSync Links PLUS subscribers have access to tens of thousands of purchasing entities across North America including cities, counties, states, universities and more.