IDOT May Shut Down All Road Construction Projects Due to Budget Impasse; IRTBA Calls on Governor to Avert Crisis

Cancelling road construction projects would be a "grievous" mistake, says Illinois Road and Transportation Builders Association.

The Illinois Road and Transportation Builders Association called Governor Quinn's announcement to halt road construction projects a "grievous mistake," that will have dangerous repercussions for countless families and businesses throughout the state.

"These road construction projects are exactly what will provide some stability to our economy," said Michael J. Sturino, President and CEO of the IRTBA. "To ask our workers, our families, our citizens to pay for the inability of our elected officials to come to a budget agreement is, frankly, appalling."

According to IRTBA, if the Illinois Department of Transportation is forced to shut its doors on all road construction projects in the state, due to the budget impasse, it will put about 31,000 people out of work and onto the unemployment rolls. The shutdown itself will cost approximately $30 million, and the daily cost to maintain the shutdown would be around $3 million. According to Sturino, the reverberations from a move like this would also negatively impact all Illinois motorists, too.

"State legislators need to understand that their bungling will be devastating to our businesses, thousands of workers and their families," Sturino said. "I don't think it's unreasonable to ask the legislature to halt their own pay if they can't do their jobs and produce a budget."