Find Your Cutting Edge Online

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CLEARWATER, FL -- The Concrete Sawing & Drilling Association (CSDA) is pleased to announce that its most popular Cutting Edge training class is now available for professionals from all parts of the industry to complete online through the association's web-based training program.

Cutting Edge was launched in 1993 as a two-day classroom course that provided students with a strong foundation in sawing and drilling operations and industry fundamentals. Since this time, almost 800 students have graduated, making it CSDA's most popular class ever. The addition of Cutting Edge to the association's online training program-launched in January 2007 -- increases CSDA's online class offering to 29.

This new online option gives CSDA the opportunity to reach a much wider audience and help train not just concrete cutters around the world, but also manufacturers, distributors and specifiers of concrete cutting. Technology continues to advance and so does CSDA. The online Cutting Edge class includes videos, tutorials, and online tests. It can be completed in an 11-hour period, and students can work at their own pace-stopping and resuming the class at their leisure.

"Since the launch of the CSDA Online Training Program, graduates of our classes have increased dramatically," said Rick Norland, lead training instructor for CSDA. "People can access the Internet from almost anywhere, so it is crucial that we adapt to a technologically-minded world. Cutting Edge is the basis for the association's individual 101 training classes for all major cutting disciplines, and its content is perfect for online learning."

Cutting Edge not only covers the fundamentals of concrete sawing and drilling, but also tracks the historical development of the industry, explores the technology of concrete and diamond tools and examines the basic cutting principles and techniques of the major sawing and drilling applications with an emphasis on safety. The industry knowledge provided by this class makes it one of the prerequisites for CSDA's advanced Operator Certification 201 classes-held each November. Any industry professional thinking of becoming a CSDA Certified Operator can take the first step by completing the online Cutting Edge class.

For more information about Cutting Edge, or any other training classes offered by CSDA, visit and click on Training, email or call 727-577-5004.