US House Overwhelmingly Supports Repeal of 3% Withholding

Repeal bill moves to Senate after passing House 405 to 16

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Washington, DC (October 27, 2011) -- Today the House of Representatives, by a margin of 405 to 16, voted to repeal the 3% withholding law. The legislation, H.R. 674, now goes to the Senate where AGC hopes there will be swift consideration. The Senate came within three votes of repealing 3% withholding last week and this week, President Obama stated his support for the repeal of 3% withholding.

The image at left shows a list of the 16 House members who voted "Nay" or against H.R. 674 earlier today.

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AGC members were talked about on the floor of the House as the bill was being considered. Thanks to everyone who helped make repeal of 3% withholding a congressional priority.

Now the action moves to the Senate where repeal legislation has 33 cosponsors. AGC members are encouraged to urge their Senators to cosponsor S. 89, S. 164 or S. 1720 and to vote for repeal when the Senate takes up the legislation.