Ten Companies Win 2010 Golden Trowel Awards

The Face Companies 22nd Golden Trowel Awards sees repeating and new winners placing the flattest, most level concrete slabs.

McCarthy Building Companies set a world record in taking its 11th Golden Trowel in the 22nd year of the international competition for placing the flattest and most level concrete slabs. McCarthy achieved an FF 59.6 in the category "Unshored Elevated Slab over 100,000 square feet." The project was the 512,952 square foot Kaiser Fontana Medical Center, in Fontana, CA.

This is McCarthy's second world record in as many years. Last year, it set a world record for elevated slabs under 100,000 square feet. Before McCarthy broke the world record last year, the previous best in this category had been an FF 55.5. "This year's record, for elevated slabs over 100,000 square feet, was really impressive," said Face Vice President and Golden Trowel Chairman Jeff Rogers, "because the F-Numbers were almost as high as last year's world record, even though the building was more than five times larger. It's very difficult to maintain that level of quality over and over day after day, but they did it."

Ace/Avant Concrete Construction Company of Archdale, NC, achieved a combined FMIN 143 in the "Defined Traffic/Laser Screed" category. This is Ace/Avant's 21st Golden Trowel Award, an amazing feat in itself. The project was the Henkel Warehouse in Salisbury, NC. Rogers pointed out that "In 1994, Ace/Avant won a Golden Trowel in this category for an FMIN 50. F-Numbers are linear, so this year's floor was almost three times flatter than the best in 1994. It seems that people are learning more and more how to take advantage of the F-Number and graphical feedback, and are now producing better and better floors every year."

This year's awards include winners from both Brazil and Canada as well. This is the 7th Golden Trowel in 7 years awarded to a company from Brazil. This year's winner from Brazil was GNP Construtora Ltda. from Sao Paulo, Brazil, winning its second Golden Trowel for producing a floor measuring FF 139.4 / FL 83.0 in the "Random Traffic/Narrow Strip" category. The Canadian winner was Diplock Floor, from Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, winning its 3rd Golden Trowel with a project using a small moving laser screed over Styrofoam insulation. They achieved FF 61.1 / FL 54.3 in while producing the North Park Quad Arena, an ice skating rink, in Oakville, Ontario.

Four contractors broke into the ranks of Golden Trowel winners with their first awards this year. They are:

  • Kitchell Contractors, from Phoenix, AZ, winning for their project at PCH New Patient Tower in Phoenix;
  • Healey Long & Jevin, from Wilmington, DE, winning for their project at the Boeing 361 focused Factory in Ridley Park, PA;
  • Lindsay Lampasona Concrete Building Partners from Norfolk, MA for their project at the Clare Rose Distribution Center in Shirley, NY; and
  • Collective Concrete, from Jackson, NJ, winning for their project at the STS Tire Distribution Center in Bridgewater NJ.

A total of 99 contractors from six countries on three continents have claimed the 248 Trowels awarded in the contest's 22-year history.

The "Sam" Golden Trowel, for outstanding accomplishments in and contributions to the art and science of high quality horizontal concrete construction, for 2010 was awarded to Bob Simonelli, who has over 35 years of experience in placing and finishing superflat and high-tolerance concrete floors and in consulting and teaching placing and finishing in many countries over four continents.

Bob has published many articles on the use of tools and techniques required to produce high-tolerance floors and has taught more than one hundred seminars on this subject, including many at the World of Concrete. He has a unique capability and a passion for teaching people how to produce incredibly flat floors, and has been instrumental in helping many contractors to win Golden Trowels over the years. The "Sam" award, named after the late Face Companies Chairman Sam Face, has been awarded since 2001.

Golden Trowels are given annually by The Face Companies of Norfolk, Virginia, the developer of the F-Number System, to concrete contractors who place and finish the flattest and most level concrete floor slabs in the world.

2010 Golden Trowel Winners - Gold Plates
Winner: McCarthy Building Companies, Inc., Newport Beach, CA
(11th Golden Trowel)
Category: Unshored Elevated Deck over 100,000 sq. ft., 512,952 sq. ft.
F-Number(s) Achieved: FF 59.6 (World Record)
Project: Kaiser Fontana Medical Center, Fontana, CA

Winner: Ace/Avant Concrete Construction Co. Inc., Archdale, NC
(21st Golden Trowel)
Category: Somero Laser Screed 22-40 ft. wide, 17,646 sq. ft.
F-Number(s) Achieved: FMIN 143
Project: Henkel Warehouse, Salisbury, NC

Winner: Diplock Floor, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
(3rd Golden Trowel)
Category: Copperhead over Styrofoam Insulation, 17,000 sq. ft.
F-Number(s) Achieved: FF 61.1 / FL 54.3
Project: North Park Quad Arena, Oakville, Ontario, Canada

Winner: Keystone Concrete Placement, Houston, TX
(3rd Golden Trowel)
Category: Unshored Elevated Slab, 87,486 sq. ft.
F-Number(s) Achieved: FF 60.2
Project: Hemingway Medical Office Building, Killeen, TX

Winner: GNP Construtora Ltda, Sao Paulo, Brazil
(2nd Golden Trowel)
Category: Narrow Strip Placement, 32,303 sq. ft.
F-Number(s) Achieved: FF 139.4 / FL 83.0
Project: Delta Industria Ceramica S.A., Rio Claro, Brazil

Winner: Birdwell & Associates, Inc., Lakeland, FL
(17th Golden Trowel)
Category: Wet Screed/Magic Screed, 10,125 sq. ft.
F-Number(s) Achieved: FF 65.2 / FL 41.8
Project: Aldi # 17, Clermont, FL

Winner: Kitchell Contractors, Phoenix, AZ
(1st Golden Trowel)
Category: Overall Levelness/Elevation Tolerance, 562,113 sq. ft.
Results Achieved: > 95% of all elevations within 3/8 inch envelope
Project: PCH New Patient Tower, Phoenix, AZ

Winner: Healey Long & Jevin, Inc., Wilmington, DE
(1st Golden Trowel) Category: Hand Screed Moveable Screed Rail, 70,675 sq. ft.
F-Number(s) Achieved: FF 85.5 / FL 46.2
Project: Boeing 361 focused Factory - Phase 1, Ridley Park, PA

Winner: Lindsay Lampasona Concrete Building Partners, Norfolk, MA
(1st Golden Trowel)
Category: Somero Laser Screed > 40 ft. wide, 102,187 sq. ft.
F-Number(s) Achieved: FF 84.4 / FL 65.2
Project: Clare Rose Distribution Center, Shirley, NY

2010 Golden Trowel Winner - Silver Plate
Winner: Collective Concrete, Inc., Jackson, NJ
(1st Golden Trowel)
Category: Defined Traffic Somero Laser Screed 22-40 ft. wide, 175,005 sq. ft.
F-Number(s) Achieved: FMIN 98.3
Project: STS Tire Distribution Center, Bridgewater NJ