Drum roll please...

Editor's Letter

When I came on board as editor of Concrete Contractor in December 2006, I set out to create an Advisory Board for the magazine. I wanted a group of industry specialists to help me gain insight into industry trends and alert me to challenges concrete contractors are facing on the job. Over the past few months I've talked to dozens of readers who were willing to serve as members of the Advisory Board, many of whom I talked to at the World of Concrete and others I've met at various industry events. This month I'm announcing the members of the Concrete Contractor Advisory Board - turn to page 6 to find a list of members.

The Concrete Contractor Advisory Board is made up of people from all over the country specializing in different aspects of the concrete industry in residential, commercial and public sector applications. Members include contractors focusing on foundations, flatwork and decorative applications, ready-mix suppliers, commercial and residential builders, and contractors involved in "green" building. These are cutting-edge contractors who are willing to share their industry knowledge and help keep Concrete Contractor readers "in the know."

Hardly a day goes by that I don't talk to a contractor, manufacturer or association representative about an issue in the industry, a new product or an interesting project. One of the many things I've learned from these people is that the concrete industry is ever-changing with new products entering the market, advancements in technology, changes in government regulations and evolving customer demand. I encourage you to keep your phone calls and e-mails expressing your opinions about the magazine and ideas for articles coming. With your help; the expertise of Advisory Board members; regular columnists Bob Harris, Brad Humphrey and Rocky Geans; and industry association staff, readers of Concrete Contractor have a lot to look forward to in upcoming issues.

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