Don’t Take My Word for It introduces equipment rating system

Over the past decade, the Internet has transformed the way you purchase products and equipment for your company. Ten years ago, I imagine you learned about construction equipment and products in trade magazines like this one, at industry trade shows, or through a close relationship with your equipment dealer. Maybe you glanced through used equipment traders to look for new equipment. And maybe you got feedback on brands and new products from other contractors at trade association events.

As you know, the Internet has changed all that. We still have industry trade shows and association meetings, and of course we still have publications like this one. But the Internet allows you to receive the information you want when you want it. You can visit a manufacturer's website to find minute specs about a piece of equipment, sign up to receive e-newsletters from your favorite manufacturers, keep tabs on companies through Facebook and Twitter, and watch equipment you might want to purchase in action on You Tube.

All that information is helpful and important when making a purchasing decision, but sometimes you want to know what other people think. A product recommendation will give you a certain level of confidence in your buying decisions. Thanks to a new feature introduced during the recent redesign of, you can find out what other contractors think of a piece of equipment or a product. You can also share your own thoughts with the new Five-Star Product Rating feature.

You can explore the five-star product rating feature by visiting, the website portal that covers Concrete Contractor and its sister publications Equipment Today, Rental Product News, Pavement Maintenance & Reconstruction, Asphalt Contractor, and Sustainable Construction. From there click on the link to take you to the Equipment Network; this is our online guide to the top products and equipment in the construction industry. Each entry in the Equipment Network offers contractors the opportunity to share their thoughts on a product or piece of equipment.

Take some time to explore the five star product ratings on and share your views on the equipment and products you use. And while you're in an opinion-sharing mood, drop me an email at Rebecca.Wasie[email protected] with your thoughts on our new website redesign.