The Future Looks Bright

As the new editor of Concrete Contractor / Polishing Contractor magazine, I’d like to take this moment to introduce myself, my name is Ryan Olson. I’ve served in editorial roles within a variety of markets during my 13 year publishing career, but being named Editor of this publication, might be the highlight of my career. In some ways, it feels I’m bringing things full circle.

Twenty years ago, I worked part of a summer with a concrete contractor in Lander, Wyo. While technologies and methodologies have improved, the basic concepts of being a concrete contractor are much the same. One thing is for certain, I know first-hand how hard the concrete contractor works to achieve a finished product and I’m excited to be able to help bring your projects to the pages of Concrete Contractor magazine to share with your fellow brethren.

If you attended the World Of Concrete last month, you may have heard the Portland Cement Association’s Chief Economist, Ed Sullivan forecast growth in cement production this year.

“I am more optimistic, this year, 2014, than I had been in years,” Sullivan says. “The economy is poised to have a much stronger growth rate. Residential will get even stronger. Also, adding a different wrinkle than in 2013, we’ll start to see more contribution at the state and local level adding to public programs.”

Sullivan notes, “Last year we grew at 4.5% we’re looking at 8% growth for 2014.”

Based on Sullivan’s predictions, 2014 is poised to be the year of concrete.

My first day with Concrete Contractor magazine coincided with the first day of the World of Concrete last month. There’s nothing like hitting the ground running. I was given the opportunity to meet several industry veterans as well as some of you, our loyal readers. What I discovered was how tight-knit the concrete community is, filled with generous individuals who want nothing more than to share their successes, their failures and their overall knowledge. Thank you for making my first WOC a successful and learning experience.

As we look to the future, I’d like to invite you to contact me at [email protected] to discuss potential editorial opportunities or to share your knowledge about this exciting market. I look forward to hearing from you.