Concrete Calculator Short-Cuts to the Order

Concrete calculator estimates the volume and weight of concrete necessary to pour a number of common construction projects

Concrete Calculator

Find a concrete calculator for volumes of common construction shapes such as slabs, columns, stairs, and tube here:

Concrete Calculator

This concrete calculator will give you the volume of your desired structure in cubic yards and meters. And it calculates the weight of concrete you need, and the number of 60-lb. and 80-lb. bags of ready-mix that the project will require.

Also find the link on this page to volume calculators for all sorts of other shapes, such as cubes, cones, spheres and hemispheres.

This special-shape calculator doesn’t automatically deliver the measure of concrete you need to pour these less-common shapes, but you can easily figure out how many bags you will need.

Divide the total cubic yards needed by the yield per bag:

  • A 40-lb. bag yields .011 cubic yards
  • A 60-lb. bag yields .017 cubic yards