10 Construction Calculator Apps Under $1

A sampling of 10 construction calculator apps contractors may find useful on the jobsite

The Handymand Calculator mobile app includes a feet and inches calculator as well as a time tracking tool.
The Handymand Calculator mobile app includes a feet and inches calculator as well as a time tracking tool.

Here's a sampling of ten construction-calculator mobile apps contractors may find useful – and each costs $1 or less!

App: DeWalt Mobile Pro by Infinity Softworks

Available on: iPad, iPhone and iPod touch

  • Construction and scientific calculator and reference tool
  • Calculator includes feet-inch math for lengths, areas and volumes
  • Area and volume shape math including circles, squares, rectangles and polygons
  • Formulas for estimating studs, drywall and concrete slabs
  • In-app purchases for topics such as carpentry, concrete, business math, finish materials, trim work, landscaping, site work and more
  • Integrated reference materials – help, examples, illustrations and more
  • Uses real-world examples to explain concepts
  • Detailed illustrations visualize the situation
  • Range of trade-specific add-ons
  • Share calculation results by email
  • Find previous calculations in stored history
  • Search, filter and create favorites to make calculations easy to find

App: Handyman Calculator by Kalyani

Available on: Android devices

  • Complete construction calculator with simple inputs
  • Flexible user interface
  • Save calculated results to notepad
  • Time tracking tool
  • Feet and inches calculator
  • Fraction calculator
  • Square and cubic footage calculators
  • Lumber, concrete and asphalt calculator
  • Length, weight, temperature, density and area conversion
  • Excavation calculator
  • Plus many more calculators

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App: Carpenter’s Helper Lite by My Pie Interactive

Available on: Apple devices

  • Advanced construction calculator for builders, architects, engineers, contractors and DIYers
  • Normal calculations and equations just like a standard calculator
  • Unit calculations – linear, square and cubic measurements in English and metric
  • Convert between different units by selecting which unit you want the displayed value converted to
  • Back button to erase just one digit at a time
  • Pitch/rise/run/diagonal – store and recall triangular measurements; when any two values are stored the other two are generated automatically
  • Memory bank stores values with labels to recall later; limited to three items in Lite version
  • Pro version available for $14.99

App: Construction Calc Free by Snappy Appz Inc.

Available on: Blackberry, Apple and Android devices

  • Full function calculator works as a standard calculator
  • Allows users to work in feet, inches and fractional inches
  • Add, subtract, multiply, divide, power, root and more
  • Automatically round results to a user-defined precision
  • Reduce fractions and fractional inches to their lowest common denominator
  • Full memory feature including add, subtract, set, recall and clear
  • Split screen shows decimal value, feet/inch value, memory and settings all at once in large easy to read fonts
  • Calculate square and cubic footage
  • Features several other modules for performing material estimates, crown molding, conversions, area and volume calculations, arcs and arches, trig and triangles, and stairwells and stairs
  • Perform all standard calculations in metric and imperial
  • 10 memory locations
  • One button conversions

App: Feet Inch Calculator by One Coder

Available on: Android devices

  • Calculate length, area and volume
  • Input by feet inch 16th, decimal feet, and/or inches
  • Two output format
  • View output in decimal feet, inches, meter and yards with correct unit
  • Auto copies result for continue calculation
  • Square and square root functions in landscape mode

App: Concrete & Agg Calculators by Chaney Enterprises

Available on: Android, Apple and Blackberry devices

  • Available calculators include:
    • Concrete Slab Calculator
    • Concrete Footing Calculator
    • Concrete Wall Calculator
    • Concrete Steps Calculator
    • Concrete Curb Calculator
    • Concrete Column / Cylinder Calculator
    • Sand, Gravel and Stone Calculator
    • Concrete Block Fill Calculator
    • Concrete Block and Mortar Calculator
  • Each calculator provides an exact amount and a recommended order amount to account for waste, spillage, forms bending, over excavation, settlement, loss of entrained air or any other changes in volume

App: Builders Calc by Running Husky

Available on: Andorid devices

  • Construction calculator contains 30+ calculations:
  • Square feet
  • Linear feet cost
  • Board/Lineal feet
  • Amps/watts/volts
  • Amps for circuit
  • Squaring
  • Stairs
  • Framing
  • Insulation
  • Rise/run/angle
  • Aggregate rectangle or round
  • Asphalt
  • Brick/block
  • Concrete rectangle or round
  • Backfill with slope
  • Circle solver

App: Concrete Calculator+ by Verosocial Studio

Available on: iPhone and iPad

  • Calculators and solvers to help contractors and sales people estimate costs, sizes and materials amount as well as prices
    • Concrete bags
    • Concrete footings
    • Concrete rectangle
    • Concrete Sono Tube
  • Area converters
    • Square Inches and Shorter Conversion
    • Square Feet & Yards & Meters Conversion
  • Distance converters
    • Inches & Centimeters & Millimeters Conversion
    • Feet & Yards & Meters Conversion
    • Miles & Kilometers Conversion
  • Volume converters
    • US/Imperial to Metric Units Conversion
    • Metric to US/Imperial Units Conversion
    • Inches & Centimeters Volume Conversion
    • Feet, Yards, & Meters Volume Conversion
  • All results can be emailed using an automatically filled-in email template provided with the app
  • Retina display graphics
  • Automatically saves your inputs
  • No network connectivity required

App: ConveyCalc by Superior Industries

Available on: Apple and Android devices

  • Complete calculations without having to call an engineer or determine complicated mathematical equations
  • Operating Cost Calculator allows input of variables like operator salary, fuel costs, conveyor horsepower and annual repair expenses to compare costs of operating a conveyor versus a loader
  • Stockpile Volume Calculator allows input of two variables, conveyor length and radial arc travel angle to determine stockpile volume in cubic tons, short tons and metric tons
  • Belt Capacity Calculator helps bulk material handlers maintain accurate levels of material on belts
  • Horsepower Calculator allows users to calculate minimum horsepower requirements for a given application by knowing the conveyor’s length, width, lift and belt capacity
  • Conveyor Lift Calculator allows user to input the angle of the conveyor and its length to reveal conveyor’s center-to-center lift in feet

App: Asphalt Calculator+ by Verosocial Studio

Available on: iPhone and iPad

  • Calculators and solvers to estimate costs, sizes and materials as well as prices
  • Produces volume in both cubic feet and cubic meters
  • Tons of asphalt hot mix is required for the form size entered
  • Tonnage calculation specific to asphalt only
  • Calculates 1 cubic yard of hot asphalt mix as weighing 4,050 pounds (2.025 tons)
  • Send calculations or conversions by email
  • Automatically saves your inputs