Wine Cave Floors Enhanced with Decorative Concrete

Contractor used Westcoat Specialty Coating Systems to transform existing concrete floors.

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The Varenna Wine Cave in Santa Rosa, Calif., is a distinct wine facility on the Varenna Aegis Signature Living property used to store private reserves and host small dinner parties.

In keeping with the exclusive, upscale feel of the Varenna Wine Cave, applicator Tony Merla of, installed a myriad of premier Westcoat coatings products to the facility's 800 sqaure feet of existing concrete floors. Using his expertise in color and effects, Merla combined penetrating, deep colors with a custom sponge application for a mottling effect, creating an interesting surface that blended with the décor but offered a richness that accented the room.

To begin, Merla shot-blasted the surface and applied WP-81 diluted 4:1 with water to prime the area. Desiring a smooth finish, TC-2 was applied to coat the surface, followed by an earth-toned palette of wash applied water-based stains to make the color pattern the featured element of the Wine Cave floors. To seal and protect, EC-31 Clear and EC-95 Satin topcoats were applied."Westcoat products are reliable, easy to apply and offer a variety of design options for our customers," said Tony Merla of "Not only are they decorative but durable which helps my business in the long run."

A leading innovator and manufacturer of specialty coating products, Westcoat offers an easy-to-understand, four-category line of step-by-step coating products. Engineered by on-site chemist Gary De Boer, Westcoat Specialty Coating Systems include Waterproof (WP), Epoxy Coat (EC), Surface Coat (SC) and Texture Coat (TC) systems that provide revolutionary concrete surface solutions for professionals in the design and construction industry. Westcoat products are available through specialty coating distributors throughout the western region of the U.S. More information may be obtained by calling 800-250-4519 or at

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