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Butterfield Color T-1000

T-1000 Fine Sprayable is a polymer-modified cementitious overlay for resurfacing and texturing concrete floors, walls and hardscapes.

  • Available in both Cement Grey and White
  • 24 standard color packs available
  • Sprayable in depths of 1/16 to 3/16 in.
  • Can be applied vertically and horizontally
  • Sprays smoothly over stencils
  • Flex-C-Ment Spray-Flex

    Flex-C-Ment Spray-Flex from Yoder & Sons can be used to create unique designs such as flowers, grape clusters and complete murals.

  • Can be squeezed through a grout bag or a cake decorating tool, or applied with a trowel, up to 3/4 in. vertically
  • Can be stamped as a premium overlay product
  • Applied with a texture sprayer for knockdowns or stencil patterns
  • Thin-troweled for resurfacing
  • Increte Spray-Deck

    Spray-Deck from Increte is a textured overlay system that transforms unsightly, dull concrete surfaces.

  • Textured finish and unique coloring system renders the surface slip-resistant and cooler underfoot than standard concrete
  • Comes in a choice of 30 standard colors, with custom colors available
  • Resistant to mildew, algae, rust, thermal shock and most chemicals
  • Twice the strength of concrete of the same thickness
  • Sundek SunStamp

    SunStamp by Sundek is a stamped overlay product that offers durability, design capabilities and curb appeal.

  • Combines an "Old World" look with today's technology to give concrete a makeover
  • Super Stone Super Surface

    Super Surface from Super Stone is a state-of-the-art overlayment system that can be applied as little as 1/4 to 1/2 in. thick for stamping.

  • Creates a durable surface with stone, brick or marble look
  • Superior adhesive strength
  • Stain- and abrasion-resistant
  • Resistant to freeze/thaw and other weather changes
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