Seal/No Seal Group Releases First Tech Brief Series

Briefs focus on factors affecting the effectiveness of concrete joint sealants.

WEST COXSACKIE, NY - The Seal/No Seal Group - formed to respond to the question about the value of sealing concrete pavement joints - has issued five technical briefs on factors that can affect the effectiveness of joint sealants. This is the first group of technical briefs in a planned regular release of reports to keep joint sealant information current and available to all.

The five new technical briefs are now available:

Evaluation of Backer Rod Absorption - a study evaluating the absorption of moisture in different types of backer rods and a method to determine the correct backer rod to use for the best long term performance

Joint Movement Estimator for Designing Transverse Joint Seal Installations - the history and use of various joint movement estimators, including the new ACPA joint movement estimator

Use of Silanes for Sealing Joints in Concrete Pavements - general information on Silane sealers and their use in our industry

Joint Slap Evaluation and Prevention - the impact of joint geometry on both new and existing pavement tire-pavement noise levels

Construction of Long Life Sealant Performance - how joint seal design, the materials used, the workmanship of the installation, and the prevailing environmental and traffic conditions affect joint sealant installation.

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