Prosoco Interior Masonry Dustproofer

Interior Masonry Dustproofer was developed to address the rising trend of exposed masonry in interior spaces, particularly in older buildings that have been rehabilitated and repurposed.

Interior Masonry Dustproofer1 Gal
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Before And After With TextA new product from PROSOCO helps prevent further dusting of exposed interior masonry surfaces. Interior Masonry Dustproofer is a ready-to-use, environmentally safe, waterborne silicone emulsion that’s effective on brick, mortar, natural stone and other porous masonry substrates. It seals in dust to prevent further dusting. 

  • Leaves treated surfaces water-resistant
  • Dries to a clear, matte finish and retains the substrate’s natural breathable properties.
  • Leave surfaces more resistant to blushing, efflorescence, mildew and other moisture-related stains.
  • Low-odor
  • VOC-compliant with all national, state and district regulations.

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