Game-changing PROSOCO Product Aids Grinding & Densifies Concrete in One Step

New product makes power-trowel polishing applications faster and more efficient.

Prosoco First Cut With Densifier Being Trowel Polished
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First Cut with Densifier, a new product from PROSOCO, cuts significant time out of the grinding and polishing process by combining two steps into one for wet-grind applications.

The new product makes the grinding and polishing process more efficient by moving the slurry solids away from the diamond tooling, while also densifying the concrete. This allows contractors to grind and densify floors at the same time, eliminating the need to wait for a floor to be clean and dry before densifying. As a result, contractors can cut up to 40% of time out of the entire process.

First Cut with Densifier can be used with traditional walk-behind grinders or power-trowel machines.

This most recent addition to the Consolideck line of concrete flooring products is in response to the growing popularity of using power-trowels for grind-and-polish jobs over the last few years.

“We’re constantly monitoring industry trends so we can develop products to help our customers stay as efficient and competitive as possible,” says Nick Savage, leader of PROSOCO’s Consolideck Concrete Flooring Group.

“Power-trowels are designed for speed,” he says. “We have already heard from many contractors who are completing polishing jobs much faster due to the ability to densify while grinding, and not having to wait for the floor to be cleaned and dry.”

For Joe Ricklefs of Fleshman Construction, the product cut his time on a project in half. His company recently used First Cut with Densifier on an Ace Hardware in Parkville, Mo.

“The biggest advantage is how many square feet you can cover as opposed to a walk-behind,” Ricklefs says.

Jason Benjamin, a concrete contractor based in Lawrence, Kan., said he is routinely saving four to five hours on 15,000-square-foot floors by using the product.

Because First Cut with Densifier moves slurry solids generated from wet-grinding away from the machine, it allows the tooling to function more efficiently.

“It’s making your diamonds more effective,” Savage says. “When you’re wet-grinding, you end up just spinning on top of slurry and the diamonds are never engaged with the slab. First Cut with Densifier moves the solids away from the tooling and also makes for easier disposal.”

William Saunders, outside sales rep for Bledsoe Rentals, a distributor in the Kansas City area, said his customers appreciate the easier disposal and a more efficient process made possible by First Cut with Densifier.

“It makes things easier to clean up when we’re wet-cutting because the slurry is not sticking to the slab,” he says. “The production rate with this product over just plain water will probably be anywhere from 20-25% more productive because the diamond is actually hitting the ground.”

First Cut with Densifier is ready to use with no dilution needed, and works on new or existing concrete. Easy to apply with a low-pressure sprayer, it’s VOC-compliant, non-flammable and non-toxic. First Cut with Densifier is ready to order today in 5-gallon containers.

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