Aztec UltraGrind Spray Mist Skirt for Dust Control

The new spray mist skirt comes standard on Aztec's UltraGrind Propane Powered Concrete Grinder for dust control.

Ultra Grind Spray Skirt Image
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The new Spray Mist Skirt for the Aztec UltraGrind was specifically designed to operate at 1000psi with the appropriate nozzle size to generate the optimal quantity and size to effectively trap dust particles that would otherwise escape traditional dust control systems. Misted water droplets knock down the dust particles, so they are contained on the floor without creating a slurry. 

The new spray skirt will be a standard feature on the Aztec UltraGrind and will be available for hands-on demo at the World of Concrete 2020 show in Las Vegas, February 4-7. Visit Aztec’s outdoor booth # O-40843 in the Silver Decorative Concrete lot to see the UltraGrind and the rest of Aztec’s concrete and terrazzo polishing machines. 

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