Concrete Coatings Announces New Pricing Structure

New pricing structure aimed at rewarding local distributors.

LAYTON, UT - Concrete Coatings, Inc. has announced a new pricing structure with the goal of helping its distributors receive the best prices possible. This new pricing structure will affect all existing distributors as well as new distributors, which are growing in number.

"Our main goal in implementing this new structure," said Alan Christensen, President and CEO of Concrete Coatings, Inc., "is to get all distributors to the Master Distributor Price, which is the largest discounted price we offer."

As Concrete Coatings unveils this new pricing structure, it becomes one of the only manufacturers of decorative concrete products that rewards its distributors regardless of size. According to the new pricing levels, distributors receive increasingly better pricing based on either amount of product purchased or product lines carried, thus giving even the smallest distributors the opportunity to purchase products at the highest discounted price.

Concrete Coatings hopes to help various distributors of all sizes stay competitive in the decorative concrete market. These distributors in turn can pass on savings to their customers, who can then use a high-quality product at a competitive price. This strategy will help build the reputation and credibility of Concrete Coatings, its distributors, and the decorative concrete market as a whole.

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