Consolideck Concrete Hardener/Densifiers Achieve NSF Registration

PROSOCO's Consolideck LS and Consolideck LS/CS get registered in NSF International's Nonfood Compounds Registration Program.

NSF International has registered Consolideck LS (lithium-silicate) and Consolideck LS/CS hardener/densifiers for finished concrete flooring in its Nonfood Compounds Registration Program.

NSF Nonfood Compounds Registration assures inspection officials and end users that formulation and labels meet appropriate food safety regulations.

The registration means that NSF International has reviewed the hardener/densifiers' formulas and found that when used as directed, they meet standards for health and safety - for both applicators and those who will be living and working on LS and LS/CS hardened/densified concrete floors. These products underwent a formulation review and label review to verify that they can be used in and around food establishments.

The formal registration will help when health-issue questions come up about the use of LS and LS/CS on floors in kitchens, grocery stores, cafeterias, food-processing areas, and other places where people are concerned about the indoor environment, according to Dwayne Fuhlhage, PROSOCO's regulatory affairs director.

Health department inspectors look for and recognize NSF Registered products when inspecting these facilities.

"When the NSF logo appears on labels and product literature of registered products, it means that the product has been approved for use in food handling and processing areas, when used according to the manufacturer's instructions," said Sarah Krol, General Manager, NSF Nonfoods Compounds Registration Program.

NSF's program is a continuation of the USDA product approval and listing program, which is based on FDA's requirements for appropriate use, ingredient and labeling review. Products eligible for NSF registration include compounds used in and around food establishments (nonfood compounds), such as disinfectants and lubricants, and those used for pre-processing of food, such as fruits/vegetable washing agents.

In addition to bearing the NSF Mark on Consolideck LS (lithium-silicate) and Consolideck LS/CS product labels, PROSOCO is also listed on NSF Web site, verifying to customers and regulators their commitment to food safety.

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