LINE-X Chooses WerkMaster Grinders for Protective Coatings Installations

WerkMaster Ultra Floor Systems was chosen after an independent study of more than 20 concrete grinder manufacturers.

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LINE-X announced its choice of WerkMaster Ultra Floor Systems concrete grinders as the preferred choice for its line of LINE-X Protective Coatings. LINE-X introduced ASPART-X Flooring Solutions, a polyaspartic coating for concrete surfaces, in 2010. ASPART-X provides ultraviolet (UV) protection that does not yellow or fade; will cure in all weather conditions; has a fast cure speed and offers abrasion and chemical resistance for garage floors, patios, decks and commercial and industrial flooring applications. Results from an independent study at the University of Alabama in Huntsville helped LINE-X reach its choice on WerkMaster grinders.

“The criteria included: Ease of Operation, Grinding Close to the Wall, Ease of Loading and Unloading from a Trailer, Ease of Changing Diamonds, Ability to Flatten a Floor or Follow Floor Contour, Cost of Diamond Tooling, Production Rate, Electrical Requirements, and Overall Performance," said Brian Wilson, president of WerkMaster.

Mark Lunde, VP commercial/industrial development for LINE-X, added, “It is very important to have a properly prepared surface to ensure maximum physical and chemical bonding of the ASPART-X coating. WerkMaster’s unique Octi-Disc technology delivers a superior scratch pattern providing maximum adhesion, allowing us to offer a 5 Year Limited Warranty on our installation.”


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