Hit by Hurricane Harvey? Make Sure Your Floor Will Get You Back on Your Feet

In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, the Texas based polymer flooring manufacturer Flowcrete Americas is ready and willing to provide free renovation advice and a materials discount to help Houston businesses bounce back from the storm.

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With damages already estimated to be running into several billion dollars and rising, the task of repairing Houston looks set to be a long and challenging one.

To give businesses a helping hand during this time, Flowcrete Americas is available to discuss flooring concerns and offer no-strings attached advice on how to get commercial and industrial floor areas back up and running.

Furthermore, Flowcrete Americas has put in place a 35% material discount for businesses that have fallen victim to the flood, to relieve some of the financial burden that this unanticipated renovation will incur.

Although often overlooked, the floor is a crucial area for any business – as it’s the platform on which customers will browse, barter and buy and it’s the solid footing on top of which machines whirr, products are made and employees operate.

The floor is also the part of a building that can least avoid the damaging effects of floodwater, which will wash over, corrode, stagnate and potentially ruin the finish after even a short period of exposure.

Flowcrete Americas’ team of polymer flooring experts is on hand to provide information on how to not only repair and renovate the floor so that it’s better than ever, but also how businesses can protect themselves against floods in the future with hard wearing, nonabsorbent, easily squeegeed and long lasting coatings.

Some key points to consider, which a Flowcrete Americas representative will be able to discuss with you in more detail, include:

  • Is it safe to start repair work? Has all standing water and debris been cleared off the site? Have detergents been applied to eliminate bacteria carried in by the flood?
  • How dry is the site? High levels of moisture, particularly in the substrate, can affect a new coating. It is important to know how much water is still onsite and how moisture sensitive the new finish is.
  • Is there any adhesive from an old carpet or VCT finish still present? Is there any dirt, dust, debris or laitance on the substrate? Does the concrete need to be shotblasted?
  • How much time is available? A fast curing coating might help you better fit the renovation into your schedule.
  • What are the long-term requirements of your floor? Be careful not to install something quick and cheap now only for it to fail in the future.
  • Are the contractors you’re working with professional, charging a reasonable rate and will they be covered by your insurance?

Flowcrete Americas knows exactly what victims of Hurricane Harvey have been going through, as its plant and office in Spring, Texas, was affected by the storm. Thankfully, the staff’s hard work and dedication combined with a robust national infrastructure means that Flowcrete Americas is ready and able to supply facilities in need of restoration.

Working together, the businesses that make up the backbone of the city can help Houston get back on its feet and return to being a unique, thriving and exciting metropolis.

To schedule a no-obligation site visit with a polymer flooring expert, please call (936) 539-6700 or email amerweb@flowcrete.com.