Helix Architectural Color Hardener

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ChemSystems, Inc., a manufacturer of the Helix brand of decorative concrete colorants and admixtures introduces Helix Architectural Color Hardener, a dry shake surface color hardener containing reflective aggregate designed to produce an elegant and refined light exposed colored concrete surface. All-in-one product that combines the benefits of color hardener with specialty selected and graded reflective aggregates. Once applied, the surface is lightly exposed using Helix Surface Etch exposed aggregate surface retarder grade 01 or 03, or an acid wash using Surface Gel Tec HD24 gelled acid. The resulting finish is a lightly exposed and refined colored concrete surface with reflective aggregate adding sparkle and shine to the surface.

  • Available in six standard colors with three different reflective aggregates (glass, mirror and carbide)
  • Custom colors or aggregates are available upon request.
  • Long range benefits include increased service life of the concrete, increased light reflectance, increased coefficient of friction reducing slip issues, and increased aesthetic value from colored concrete
  • Once the concrete has cured, seal with Helix Super Seal SB, a penetrating waterproofing sealer is recommended to provide protection against water, oil, deicing salts and other common forms of contamination


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