Ameripolish Smartfloor Refinement System

The SmartFloor Refinement System concept is engineered to provide a high-aesthetic floor that is an easy and economical way to utilize any polishing machines, including power trowels.

Ameripolish SmartFloor Refinement System
Ameripolish SmartFloor Refinement System.
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Ameripolish's SmartFloor Refinement System makes it easy to refurbish polished concrete floors. The system features innovative composite resin abrasive diamond pads that can be attached to virtually any polishing machine or power trowel with ease. The system also features densifying and sealing (SR2) chemicals to make floors stand out and hold their aesthetic and remain stain-resistant.

  • Easy to use pad system allowing simple swapping in/out of desired pads to the Velcro blade holdersSmartFloor Refinement SystemAmeripolish SmartFloor Refinement System.Ameripolish
  • Universal blade-holder options
  • Designed for use under walk-behind or ride-on power trowels or other polishing machines
  • Pairs well with the SmartFloor maintenance system for a floor with high aesthetics and minimal cost
  • Innovative and patented composite resin abrasive technology
  • 5 simple steps

 “The SmartFloor Refinement system provides an easy and economical way to refurbish concrete floors,” says Clint Howle, President, Ameripolish. “It is ideal for BSCs because it can be used with different types of machines. Reducing upfront costs and speeding up refurbishment, The SmartFloor™ Refinement system can restore floors in as little as 2-grinding steps with equipment that can be rented or purchased from existing distributors. It can also be attached to ride-on and walk-behind power trowels and other hybrid polishing machines.” 

The system includes innovative patented composite resin abrasive technology pads that grind and restore floors. The pads can be outfitted to existing power trowels using the patented Universal Blade Holder option. The blade holder simply slides onto a machine’s existing blade, and SmartFloor system abrasives can be attached via a Velcro lining.

The system also features SmartFloor Refinement System GPR Series Abrasives that can be used with a company’s existing planetary systems. These custom Grinding and Polishing Rings (GPR) rings come in a variety of sizes and are easily installable with Velcro head attachments. The pads can be made in any size or shape to accommodate any machine regardless of type or manufacturer. 

The system also includes Ameripolish SR2 PLUS fully penetrating, stain-resistant sealer. The sealer is specifically formulated to protect polished, dyed and exposed concrete from oil, water-based stains and etching agents. 

While SR2 PLUS can stand alone, Ameripolish recommends combining it with Ameripolish 3D HS Hybrid Silicate Densifier. The densifier improves surface performance, tightening the surface for polishing and helping to make the floor resistant to dust and the harmful effects of traffic wear and weathering. 

The SmartFloor Refinement System processes are all run wet, reducing the risk of dust so facilities can remain open during the day while floor or aisle rejuvenation is completed overnight. 

“Flooring is often the largest investment in a facility, and improper care can damage a brand's reputation," adds Howle. "Our systems are specially designed to bring out the best in any concrete flooring application.”

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