Confast Flat-Head Sleeve Anchors

The flat-headed sleeve anchor is a good choice when working to fasten to dense solid concrete to light hollow block as well as in solid brick and hollow brick

Concrete Fasteners Flat Head Sleeve Anchors

The Confast flat-headed sleeve anchor is an expansion-type anchor that works by turning the flat head clockwise, which pulls the cone shaped internally threaded stud upwards and expands the sleeve against the walls of the hole in the base material.

  • Manufactured with zinc plating
  • Used in light to medium duty fastening
  • Comes packaged assembled
  • Available in three diameters of 1/4, 5/16 and 3/8 in.,
  • The 1/4 and 5/16 in. are available with a slotted head designed for use with a slotted screwdriver
  • The 3/8 in. comes in a flat phillips head designed for use with a phillips drive screwdriver
  • Heads of flat-headed sleeve anchors are countersunk into the material being fastened down and the head is flush with the surface of the fixture once installed
  • Measured as an overall length that includes the head
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