Orange Thunder Walking Float with Ultra Twist Bracket, Featuring KO-20 Blade Material

KO-20 Orange Thunder Walking Float with Ultra Twist Bracket
Kraft Tool Co.
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Kraft Tool expanded its KO-20 blade material to include the Orange Thunder Walking Float with Ultra Twist Bracket. The 36-in. by 3-1/2-in. blade has rounded ends and broken-in edges for floating without gouging.

The walking float features an aluminum bar down the middle of the blade to provide reinforced strength. Topped with the unique Ultra Twist Bracket provides a full 360 degrees of rotation to work from any angle. Its large range of motion is great for hard-to-reach places and working around obstructions. The bracket fits 1 3/8 in. or 1 3/4 in. button bull float handles.

The Orange Thunder line is made of high-performing KO-20 engineered material which was developed with the concrete finisher in mind. These impact resistant tools are a lighter, longer-wearing alternative to aluminum, canvas-resin, magnesium, steel, and wood. The KO-20 blade material increases the tools’ ability to work on rough surfaces faster, bringing up bleed water quicker and leaving concrete surfaces open longer. A low absorption rate means water and chemicals won’t break down or weaken the material.
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The unique properties of this material don't allow concrete to adhere to it for fast, easy clean-up. Kraft Tool's bright orange material is easy to spot on the jobsite.

  • Designed with a low coefficient of friction, allowing for unencumbered movement across concrete. This fast-paced movement brings up bleed water faster and leaves concrete open for a longer period of time.
  • Self-lubricating properties increase the speed even on rough surfaces while decreasing the overall wear on the blade.
  • Engineered, curved surface lines create just the right grip to evenly distribute and level concrete material.
  • Extraordinary wear life. Superior slide abrasion allows for repetitive abrasive contact with harsh surfaces.
  • Blunt impact resistant for extended wear in repetitive applications such as concrete work. With a .01% liquid absorption rate water and chemicals won't break down or weaken the material, meaning no corrosion or rust.
  • Long-wearing lighter material than aluminum, magnesium and steel.
  • Proudly made in the USA.

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