Silencure SRT

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Silencure SRT is an all-in-one cure and seal for old and new concrete that provides a curing compound and penetrating siloxane sealer in one product.

  • Use on fresh concrete an eliminate the need for water or resin curing, stripping and the traditional 30 day waiting period
  • Uses a pure acrylic copolymer compound for curing combined with a penetrating siloxane sealer and when applied to newly placed concrete produces a non-yellowing clear continuous film which cures while providing a tough protective film to the surface.
  • The proprietary blend of siloxanes penetrate capillary pores to form a silicone matrix that prevents water and salt penetration
  • Cures concrete to ASTM C-309 and ASTM C-1315 standards and exceeds NCHRP 244 standards
  • Will exceed 100 freeze/thaw cycles
  • Ideal for broom finished, precast, hand or machine troweled surfaces
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