8 Talking Points for Selling Concrete Parking Lots

Len Swederski shares his thoughts on selling concrete parking lots.

When potential customers ask Len Swederski why they should select a concrete parking lot, he responds, “Because it costs less and is better for you.” Here are 8 talking points he uses to make his point.

  1. Over the last decade, rising oil prices and world demand for oil and oil byproducts have increased the price of the binder in asphalt called bitumen by over 400 percent.
  2. Nearly all the cement for concrete used in the United States is made in the United States. Our dollars stay at home and the price is not affected by the value of the dollar on the world market.
  3. Why put a 10-year pavement on your 30-year mortgage? There are concrete streets and roads still in use that are pushing the century mark.
  4. Due to its reflective nature, concrete requires up to 30 percent less lighting. This also contributes to nighttime safety.
  5. Concrete is cooler in the summer by as much as 30 F, reducing urban heat island effect. That also means the ambient air temp around a building is cooler thereby reducing energy needs to cool it.
  6. Concrete, including reinforcing, can be 100 percent recycled without releasing toxic materials.
  7. Concrete has true “curb appeal.” The brighter, cleaner nature of concrete is more inviting to customers while architectural finishes that delineate crosswalks, traffic patterns and handicap parking stalls finishes can be permanently cast into the concrete.
  8. Concrete is safer. Oil migrates to the surface of asphalt pavements on warm, dry days. This oil makes asphalt very slippery when it rains and before traffic wears away the oil film.

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