Spotlight: Forms 2006

Metal Forms Poly Meta Forms, Durand Classic Panel Series and more.

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Metal Forms Poly Meta Forms
Poly Meta Forms are a labor- and money-saving alternative to forming concrete with wood.
• Lightweight
• Moisture-resistant
• Durable and reuseable
• Easy to clean
• Straight and radius forms for flatwork and curb and gutter

Durand Classic Panel Series
Durand Forms has unveiled its Classic Panel Series of aluminum forms.
• The company’s standard aluminum form has been rechristened the 125 Smooth and has some new options, including side, top and bottom-rail extrusions; attached pins; pressed-in hardened bushings; and one- or three-hole riveted spring tension bushings
• The new 94 Smooth panel features all the characteristics of the 125 Smooth, but in a lighter-weight product
• The Textured and VIP Brick forming panels give the appearance of brick surface marks

B.E.P. LIGHT panel
B.E.P. Forming Systems offers the LIGHT panel, the first lightweight combination hand- or gang-set aluminum form panel.
• Weighs less than 100 lbs.
• Available in standard heights of 1 to 10 ft.
• Comes in all B.E.P. form line designs: Smooth, Georgia Stone, Adobe Brick, Vertical and Textured Brick

CertainTeed Form-A-Drain
Form-A-Drain from CertainTeed is a patented combination concrete footing form system, foundation drainage system and radon reduction system for residential basement applications.
• Vinyl lineal sections are used to form the footing, then remain permanently in place after the concrete is poured
• Forms a complete loop around the home’s foundation to serve as a drainage and radon reduction system

Arch-Crete forms
Arch-Crete forms from Architectural Concrete Creations are an integrated system that simplifies the process of attaining vertical textured concrete surfaces.
• Lightweight and easily maintained
• Last for more than 1,500 pours
• Average weight of 57 lbs.