Saramac Becomes Third Canadian Precaster to Join AltusGroup

The addition of Saramac brings the total number of North American pre-casters to 21 for 2016.

Saramac has become the third Canadian precast concrete manufacturer to join AltusGroup. The addition of Saramac brings the total number of North American pre-casters to 21 for 2016.

Combined with its sister company, Schokbeton, Saramac has more than 85 years in the construction industry and over 3,000 completed projects. Saramac specializes in the fabrication of architectural and structural elements of precast concrete for commercial, industrial, institutional and residential buildings in Canada and northern regions of the United States.

Saramac will manufacture and market CarbonCast Enclosure System products at its manufacturing headquarters in Terrebonne, Québec, in non-prestressed wall systems.

“Building codes and requirements for greater energy efficient wall systems and building enclosures are tightening in Canada, making this a great time to look for new solutions,” says Robert Bibeau, President of Schokbeton and Saramac.

“We are looking forward to introducing CarbonCast and all of its solution offerings to our clients and customers,” notes Christian Rabbat, Vice President of Contract Administration & Operations.

“Saramac is confident that the performance attributes of CarbonCast and the benefits of our novel co-opetition business model will help them achieve new innovations for their customers,” said John Carson, Executive Director for AltusGroup.

CarbonCast innovative precast concrete technology uses C-GRID non-corrosive, high-strength, epoxy-coated carbon fiber grid as wythe connectors in insulated sandwich wall panels and, on occasion, as secondary reinforcement in exterior wythes for corrosion resistance and crack control. Depending on the application, C-GRID allows for thinner precast sections and can reduce the weight of precast enclosure systems by up to 50 percent, while offering continuous insulation and improved insulation value, full composite action and long-term durability.

AltusGroup precast concrete manufacturers have installed more than 34 million square feet of CarbonCast surface area on nearly 1,000 structures since introducing the technology in 2004.