QUIKRETE One Bag Wonder Contest Celebrates Concrete

The most creative, highest quality project made with a single bag of QUIKRETE wins $2,500.

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The durability, versatility and affordability of concrete make it a popular material for a variety of invaluable do-it-yourself (DIY) home improvement projects, but what could a person possibly make with just one bag? QUIKRETE, the leading manufacturer of packaged concrete, and HomeMade Modern, an online resource for smart modern home furnishing ideas, are putting that question to the test by challenging people to submit their DIY concrete projects in the “One Bag Wonder” contest during August. The top three projects based on creativity, craftsmanship and quality will be awarded cash prizes.

“Concrete has really captured the imagination of DIYers across the country the past few years. During that time, we’ve collaborated with QUIKRETE to stretch the creative limits of what you can do with concrete,” says Ben Uyeda, founder of HomeMade Modern. “In addition to larger, complex projects like countertops, fire pits, mobile coolers and outdoor bars, we’ve made things like lamps, vases, planters, stools and even a coffee pot using no more than a single bag of concrete. It’s amazing what you can do with a bag of concrete and the end product often costs a fraction of home furnishings or décor at a store.”  

“There is no question that concrete is great for traditional uses like pouring patios or repairing steps, but with a little inspiration, know-how and confidence, concrete can really bring out the cool, funky and whimsical designer in all of us,” says Frank Owens, Vice President of Marketing for QUIKRETE. “The result can be concrete projects that really transform a home to reflect the personality and style of a homeowner. Not to mention that our pre-blended concrete requires nothing more than adding the appropriate amount of water to the mix, so getting the right consistency is fool-proof.”

From Aug. 1 through Aug. 31 “One Bag Wonder” contest entries can be submitted by emailing a 100-word project description with at least three supporting photos to [email protected] and posting the same content on social media with the hashtag #QUIKRETE1BagWonder. First place, second place and third place will receive $2,500, $1,500 and $500, respectively. For more contest details, project resources and product information, visit www.QUIKRETE.com/One-Bag-Wonder or on Facebook.

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