S1500 Concrete Slipform Paver

S1500concreteslipformpaver 10080856

The S1500 Slipform Paver is designed to meet strict smoothness specifications for markets that require paving widths from 18 to 50 ft. The S1500 Slipform Paver is ideally suited for concrete slipform paving on mainline highways, secondary roads, lane additions, airport runways, taxiways and aprons. The new S1500 features a tractor frame that allows it to go out to 52 ft., double telescopic frame capability with a hose / cable tray like the S850 paver, and heavy-duty bolsters available in conventional pivot type. The crawler tracks are D4 size and have larger F40 gearboxes than the S850. The S1500 also has an option to add an additional vibrator pump and a 425-hp CAT engine.

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