Day 1 Concrete Curing Densifier/Sealer

Lythic Day1 Concrete Sealer Dr 10730768

Lythic's Day 1 is a water-based, low VOC, one component concrete curing densifier, sealer and hardener that repels water to prevent moisture penetration and increases surface hardness and abrasion resistance. Day 1 reacts with free lime and silica components in concrete and bonds with silica and other water repellent components into the substrate to become part of the concrete matrix.

  • Apply as a troweling aide to provide a smooth, tight surface
  • Polish within less time and less tooling
  • Limits evaporation and extends cement hydration time
  • Designed for interior and exterior use
  • Fortifies cement to prevent dusting and efflorescence
  • Accepts adhesives, paints and other products with no special prep
  • Will not chip, peel or alter slab colors
  • Apply as part of placement or 24 hours after

Video: Lythic Day 1 Troweling Aid

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