NLB Water Jet Lance

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The NCG24-535 water jet lances from NLB Corp. are rated for applications requiring operating pressures of up to 24,000 psi (1,656 bar) and designed to reduce the chance of hose or fitting failure. The new lances reduce stress on the inlet connection by eliminating the bend radius in the hose that supplies high-pressure water. Instead, an inlet tube with a 90-degree bend and a safety shroud surrounds the hose where it attaches to the lance. The NCG24-535 water jet lance is also available in a dual-trigger version (NCG24-535DT) and an underwater version (NCG24-535UW).

The NCG24-535 features:

  • One-finger latch to prevent accidental actuation
  • Patented trigger that immediately dumps pressure when the operator pushes it forward
  • NLB quick-change cartridge seal can be replaced in the field in 60 seconds     
  • Aadjustable shoulder stock and hand grip 
  • The lance weighs just 12 lbs. (5.5 kg) with its standard 36-inch barrel. Longer barrels are available
  • Complies with WJTA-IMCA recommended practices
  • Color-coded handle identifies the lance’s operating pressure
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