Liebherr MPS-Control System for Concrete Mixing Plants

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A new generation of the established MPS system for the control of concrete mixing plants has been unveiled by Liebherr. Quick reaction times and maximum precision provided by the processor control, featuring real-time capable operating system, ensures outstanding plant outputs and concrete quality. The open system of this software-based solution allows upgrading at any time, as well as integration into other data systems.

  • Microprocessor control system for meticulous regulation of mixing processes
  • All-graphic user interface for safe and simple operation
  • Available immediately as full version or “light version”
  • State-of-the-art display screen visualization of the Litronic-MPS III provides a comprehensive overview of functions for the mixing technician, and in turn straightforward operation of the overall plant
  • Several languages are available with which the plant can be operated
  • All data pertaining to customers, material orders or concrete types for example, are administrated on the left-hand monitor of two. The right-hand monitor provides complete plant visualisation with interactive direct operation in real time
  • Designed for continuous operation in demanding ambient temperatures, the system comprises a computer, a speedy four-channel precision amplifier, keyboard, two monitors (more upon request), VPN router for the Teleservice and a control panel with PC box and software
  • The PC box is equipped with a ventilator and fine dust filter to ensure optimum operating safety of the PC and uninterrupted power supply (UPS) as a result of minimum overpressure and dust-free air
  • A USP with overvoltage protection is designed for an extended temperature range and is also included within the delivery scope
  • The new mixing plant Litronic-MPS III can be individually adapted to every plant
  • Compatible with interfaces for concrete laboratory programs such as Prolab, or with invoicing programs
  • Incorporate vehicle scales to control the loading of gravel
  • Camera playback or additional monitors can be connected to increase program visualization
  • An array of possibilities for statistics including construction phase statistics, consumption of each material type, production per customer/building site or production area, concrete types and more
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