Schwing Adds New Boom Pump

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The Schwing S 20 offers a unique boom design in a compact package, affording pumpers, concrete contractors and specialty contractors a versatile tool to expand concrete pumping possibilities while also performing conventional work.

• The four-section Double Z boom offers a total of 820 degrees of articulation with 270 degrees at both the third and fourth sections, allowing many possible configurations in confined spaces
• Combined with a 12-ft. 7-in. unfolding height, the S20 can be used indoors, under overhead structures and in tunnels
• The standard truck is a Kenworth T370 with 330 hp and automatic transmission
• Overall reach of the boom is 63 ft. 8 in. vertically and 51 ft. 10 in. horizontally
• The boom can rotate 370 degrees in either direction, enhancing versatility on tight projects
• The boom is equipped with full five-inch pipe
• Also features storage for clamps and additional system with fold down sideboard access on the driver’s side to a 13-foot loading deck
• The standard pump kit is the 2023-3 110/75 SC with 124 cu. yds./hr. output, operating through nine-inch diameter pumping cylinders
• Twin-cylinder all-hydraulic unit sequences the pumping cylinders through the proven M Rock Valve
• Handles mixes with up to 2.5-inch aggregate and applying up to 1095 psi on the concrete
• Manually extending outriggers lower hydraulically, applying only 38 psi soil pressure with dunnage on the front and 15 psi on the rear
• Spacing is 12 ft. 8 in. in the front and 7 ft. 3 in. in the rear, for easy setup on crowded job sites


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