Terex Bid-Well 3600 Paver

Gas engines and paving carriage save up to 25% in fuel and offer less downtime and maintenance over the life of the engine

Terex Bid Well 3600 Paver Bridge Overlay

The Bid-Well 3600 automatic roller paver boasts a 21-hp Kohler ECH650 fuel-injected gas engines and paving carriage that save up to 25% in fuel and offer less downtime and maintenance over the life of the engine.

  • Suited for concrete deck placement and paving of standard duty slab-on-grade projects
  • Standard paving widths range from 8 to 86 ft.
  • Standard 18-ft. end segments offer 15 ft. of leg travel to instantaneously enable up to 30-ft. variable width paving
  • Available universal power crown adjuster with independent motors for the front and rear frame provide the ability to quickly adjust the crown when paving at a skew
  • Swing leg design delivers zero-clearance paving in tight applications
  • Optional pivot leg configuration enables a true vertical operating position for paving at cross slopes greater than 4%
  • Paving carriage powered by its own 21-hp gas engine and features segmented upper and lower sections
  • Rota-Vibe system generates up to 5,000 vpm to effectively consolidate the slab’s top 2.5 in.
  • Optional fogging system includes independently adjustable nozzles that can be positioned to direct the fog where it is needed
  • Both the paving carriage and paver’s frame are equipped with lights from the available Terex Bid-Well
  • Up to twelve 1-amp LED lights can be positioned virtually anywhere on the machine’s frame and up to four lights can be mounted directly to the paving carriage to illuminate the paver
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