CTS Durable, Zero-Shrink Concrete

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CTS Manufacturing Corp. has now developed a rapid setting, low-to-zero shrinkage concrete. Rapid Set cement is a low-shrinkage cement. It is a sulfate-resistant product, which further improves its durability. Additionally, Rapid Set cement has a low carbon footprint due to its chemistry. CTS has now developed a one-component, portland-free cement that exhibits near zero shrinkage at 60 days. Rapid Set cement uses the same expansive CSA compound that is found in Type-K. It shrinks dramatically less than Portland based products. This is caused by the combination of three unique characteristics:

  1. The cement contains drastically reduced amounts of silicates, compared to Portland cement. Silicates are generally responsible for high shrinkage in Portland cements.
  2. The water required for concrete workability remains chemically bound to the structure of the concrete, instead of evaporating and causing shrinkage.
  3. The fast setting nature of the cement allows the onset of a slight, early expansion period akin to that observed in Type K but much smaller in magnitude. Shrinkage occurs following this slight expansion to a near-zero final dimensional change.

    The cement is not accelerated with any organic additive, which alleviates any concern about the long-term stability of organic molecules. It is a strictly inorganic cement that has been shown in fatigue tests to last more than 100 years.
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