E-Z Drill Parapet Wall Drill

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E-Z Drill's pnumatic, 210 3-parapet wall drill maximizes productivity while drilling vertical holes for a variety of concrete applications, such as securing temporary protective walls along shoulders of bridges and roadways; anchoring temporary traffic barriers; and unique applications, such as maintaining concrete seawalls.

  • Patented roller-bearing feed system powers each drill automatically with individually tailored air pressure according to the material it is used on.
  • The multi-point oil injection system reduces wear on the drill motors by ensuring each drill motor has enough lubricating oil from its single reservoir.
  • Quick-release bit guides can accommodate several bit styles, including one-piece whirl bits, two-piece H-thread bits and taper steel bits.
  • The units can drill holes up to 2-1/2 inches in diameter and as deep as 3-1/2 feet to accommodate the height of parapet wall sections.
  • The 4-foot-long spacing between each drill gang is fully adjustable, allowing the operator to tackle a range of drilling intervals.
  • The drill requires a minimum airflow of 300 cubic-feet per-minute to operate all three drill motors.
  • The 3-gang parapet wall drill is self-propelled, so the operator can use a lever to move it along the parapet wall rather than manually pushing it.
  • Easy-to-use control panel which is detachable and can be mounted on either side of the drill.
  • An optional dust collection system can be attached to the drill for additional safety on the worksite.
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