Minnich Concrete Barrier Special Application Drill

Drill custom designed to ride along the top of the barrier wall and drill three holes simultaneously

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Minnich Manufacturing, a manufacturer of concrete dowel pin drills, concrete paving vibrators and vibrator monitoring systems, introduces a concrete barrier wall drill. The powerful new drill helps contractors maximize the efficiency and safety of drilling vertical holes for the pins used to secure temporary concrete traffic barriers. Air-driven and self-propelled, the Minnich concrete barrier wall drill straddles and rides along the top of the temporary wall. A tethered controller enables the operator to simultaneously drill three accurate, consistent pin holes — through pre-molded holes in the wall, through the road, into the sub-base — while positioned on the non-traffic side of the barrier.

  • Tethered controller removes the operator from excess debris and dust
  • Can be customized to fit F-shape barriers, Jersey barriers or any other barrier wall profile
  • The drill spacing and hole depth are fully adjustable
  • The unit can be easily moved with a forklift and loaded onto the wall with a backhoe or service crane

Barriers Prove No Obstacle for Drilling

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