Husqvarna MS 360 Masonry Saw

The Husqvarna MS 360 masonry saw offers 360 degrees of benefits. With a cutting capacity of 5-inches deep and a 17.25-inch cutting length, it is the next generation of the manufacturer’s popular MS 355 masonry saw.

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This is Husqvarna Construction Products’ first masonry saw equipped with a patented water containment system, which keeps water, slurry, and debris controlled; delivering a cleaner work piece and work space. The double water splash guard decreases water spray behind the saw and makes cleaning easier.

  • 5" cutting depth for a standard 14" blade.
  • Unique to this masonry saw is the ability to make 22.5 degree and 45 degree bevel cuts by simply rotating the saw head.
  • Saw head can also easily switch between plunge and miter cutting, making it fast and versatile on the jobsite.
  • Ideally suited for cutting pavers, bricks, stone and concrete block.
  • The optional adjustable stand has two wheels and when the saw is locked on the stand, one person can move the unit around the jobsite.
  • The stand also allows the user to position the saw at various heights or collapse it with one hand.
  • The saw comes with a Husqvarna Vari-Cut Turbo blade and when paired together, the duo will make quick work of hard concrete, stone and other masonry materials.


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