Ligchine International Presents the ScreedSaver BOSS 240

Ligchine has spent 18 months developing and testing the ScreedSaver BOSS 240 prototype that was recently introduced at the 2016 World of Concrete show in Las Vegas.

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Ligchine Logo 2019

Ligchine International has launched the ScreedSaver BOSS 240. The BOSS 240 purchase price positions contractors of “ALL” sizes to enter into the mega screed machine market and associated lucrative large scale business opportunities.

The ScreedSaver BOSS 240 features:

  • 13.5’ screed head combined with an 18’ boom reach capable of screeding 240 sq. ft. per screed pass
  • The first “Zero Turn” mega screed ever offered
  • Full 360-degree turret control
  • Wireless remote control operation
  • Automatic sprayer system for applying hardeners and coatings while screeding
  • A horizontal side step capability to avoid stickups making it the most navigable mega-sized boom operated screed ever offered
  • On-board pressure washer
  • LED lighting system
  • Choice of gas or LP fuel
  • Kubota engines
  • Touchscreen diagnostic display


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