LENTON A22 High Strength Coupler

The LENTON A22 High Strength Coupler for use with ASTM A615 Grade 100 Reinforcing Steel.

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The LENTON A22 Coupler for high strength applications, such as seismic projects. The coupler was engineered to address the requirements for ASTM A615 Grade 100 reinforcing steel. It is designed to meet the bars specified ultimate tensile strength of 155ksi. The product is made from 100 percent U.S. domestic steel and is available in sizes #7 through #18. Other sizes are available upon request.

  • The A22 Coupler utilizes the same LENTON taper thread so there is no change to the threading of the bar end.
  • Quickly and easily connect two pieces of reinforcing steel and improve the steel-to-concrete ratio by eliminating half of the bars necessary in the “lap zone” of a column.
  • LENTON products develop higher tensile strength than lap splicing while providing full load transfer.
  • Provides confidence in reinforcing steel connections.


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