Aquajet Systems Introduces the World’s Smallest Hydrodemolition Robot

Aquajet Systems AB, a global leader in hydrodemolition machine manufacturing recently acquired by Brokk AB, introduces the world’s smallest hydrodemolition robot, the Aqua Cutter 410V.

Aquajet Aqua Cutter410 V Upward

The 2,756-lb., electric-powered Aqua Cutter 410V uses 15,000- to 40,000-psi water jets to efficiently remove as much as 9 cu. ft. per hour of concrete.

  • Stroke and water pressure can be adjusted to material and to control depth of cuts
  • Also cleans and descales rebar without damage
  • Radio remote control can be used wirelessly or with a hard wire
  • Cutting head and multi-axis 3D positioning system efficiently operate on all horizontal, vertical and overhead areas
  • Steel mast constructed in sections, enabling front power head to be raised up to 13.2 ft. without additional support
  • Equal Distance System maintains a preset distance from the ceramic nozzles to the concrete surface
  • 23-ft. Power Packs consist of metal containers with a high-pressure Hammelmann pump, large-capacity engine and control system and a storage area for the robot
  • Compatible with accessories such as rotolances and circular power heads, as well as spines and frames
  • Available 410V Tunnel Kit features automatic detection and the ability to adjust the distance to the tunnel surface
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