James Bond Tester MK III

For testing tensile strength of overlays and overlayments

Ndt James Bond Tester Concrete Horizontal Model Smaller

The James Bond Tester MK III or pull off adhesion test measures the bond strength or tensile strength of concrete, asphalt, tile, concrete repair, or other overlay material by the direct tension or pull off method. By pulling a 25 mm steel disk attached to the material under the unit, the tester can:

  1. Measure the near surface strength of a substrate in order to determine the substrates quality before applying an overlay.
  2. Determine the bond strength of a repair or overlay material after it is applied to the substrate.
  3. Determine the tensile strength of a repair, overlay or adhesive after the material is applied to the surface. P C 7300 2

The James Bond Tester MK III has been successfully used to verify the quality of existing materials, determine the adhesion strength of shotcrete, tile, epoxies, paint and other repair materials or coatings.

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