CFI introduces WearCOAT 2015

The new polyaspartic primer offers quick RTS and low-temperature application.

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Coatings for Industry, Inc., (CFI) has introduced WearCOAT 2015, a low-VOC polyaspartic primer that offers quick cure times and can be applied at low temperatures.

WearCOAT 2015 is a fast-curing primer, typically ready for mid- or top-coat application in two hours, making it an option for projects requiring a very fast return-to-service. When using CFI Polyaspartic mid-and top-coats, this new primer’s fast-cure formula can allow commercial concrete floor projects to be turned around quickly. 

  • WC-2015 may be applied and will cure on substrates as cold as 25°F, so it can be applied during winter or in cold-room environments.
  • The new primer has volatile organic compounds (VOCs) under 100 g/l, qualifying it for use in strict environmental regulation regions like Southern California.
  •  Its low-odor formulation also makes it safe for applicators and other building occupants.
  • It is well-suited for bakeries, hospitals, restaurants, pharmaceutical and other healthcare facilities, or food service facilities that require both safety and fast return-to-service.
  • WearCOAT 2015 offers excellent adhesion to old or new (28+ days) concrete, providing a quick-cure basis for any high-performance floor coating system.
  •   Offered in one- and three-gallon kits, it works well with virtually any mid- or top-coat products.
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