SKILSAW TrueHVL Cordless Worm Drive Saw

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SKILSAW claims that its TrueHVL Worm Drive Saw is the first and only cordless saw that is true worm drive, noting it is the only cordless saw you will find with Worm Drive gearing. Powered by the TrueHVL battery, the brushless motor responds to challenging applications by boosting power and torque, and all-magnesium construction makes it lightweight and tough. TrueHVL features a unique battery design that maximizes heat dissipation, patented Stay Cool technology that wraps each cell in a temperature controlling material, and intelligent power management that monitors and optimizes each cell. 

  • Built for high torque applications
  • High voltage lithium ion battery & charger design
  • Battery utilizes STAY COOL technology to keep the cells cooler, which helps extend the runtime and lifetime of the battery for high-torque application.
  • Battery can be fully charged in one hour

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