Putting the Latest Stand-Up Rebar Tying Tool to Work at a Precast Plant

How the Stand-Up RB401T-E Rebar Tying Tool is supporting a nationwide precast plant.

Putting the Latest Stand-Up Rebar Tying Tool to Work at a Precast Plant
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From catch basins, reinforced columns, underground storage systems, and more, precast fabrication plays a major role in supporting the many different utility and structural infrastructures residents and businesses rely on daily. The extensive use of precast concrete continues to be widely adopted between engineers and architects who are looking to its structural durability, versatile applications, and modular compositions. With any level of construction, safety is above all else the most important for the over at MAX USA team and its customers. MAX USA Corp. has been and continues to support our end-users who operate in these plants with the latest tools, guidance, and training to carry out profitable and safe work.

One nationwide precast plant has been utilizing MAX rebar tying tools for the past several years across all their divisions because of the increase in productivity they experience using the products.  Recently, Production Manager, Curtis S. integrated the Stand-Up RB401T-E tool for his construction activities.

We have over 70 people tying rebar each day with 50% of it being slab work, so the areas where we can use the RB401T-E for those applications, we provide it to our guys. We have a gentleman who is over 65 years of age who can efficiently and safely carryout work. It’s been a great solution for us by helping to reduce project cost and increase our productivity safely.”
Curtis S.

Putting the Latest Stand-Up Rebar Tying Tool to Work at a Precast PlantThe RB401TE3's primary benefit is its ergonomic construction. Its extended frame allows ironworkers to tie rebar for concrete slabs while standing upright.MAX USA Corp.

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The Battery-Powered RB401T-E Keeps You Standing

Putting the Latest Stand-Up Rebar Tying Tool to Work at a Precast PlantMAX USA Corp.Announced July 2020, the RB401T-E Twintier tool allows workers make ties while standing upright. MAX’s internal test data shows that hand-tying recorded approximately 47% higher maximum lumbar compression force compared to the RB401T E. Based on NIOSH’s Health Hazard Evaluation calculations, reaching a significant risk of developing back pain in the long term was reduced by 55% using the RB401T-E. 

MAS USA's sales reps in the U.S. and Canada work diligently with precast plants and onsite contractors to help them test the RB401T-E on their active jobsites so they can see the true difference. Built off the TwinTier® platform, end-users who are familiar with the RB441T and RB611T will already know the countless benefits that come with it.

Because the RB401T-E is such a unique and sophisticated tool in the marketplace, paired with the evolving TwinTier® solution, contractors should find that their workforce is safeguarded from what has been a backbreaking industry.