The Viking Ride-On Scraper - Featuring a Sealed Cab for Your Safety


The Viking Ride-On Scraper is the very first in National Flooring's line of road scrapers. This machine is the ideal solution for roadways, bridge decks, airport runways, parking structures, and more. Designed with innovative new features to ensure precision handling, safety and performance. 


  • Width 57.9” 147 cm
  • Length 122.5” 311 cm
  • Height 93.3” 237 cm
  • The Viking Ride On Scraper Viking PersonNational Flooring EquipmentWeight 5,700 lbs. 2,586 kg
  • Power 49.5 HP Turbo Diesel Kubota
  • Fuel Capacity 18 gallons 68 liters
  • Alternator 90 amps 


  • Cab has been designed to meet Roll-Over Protection & Falling Object Protection Certifications (ISO 3471 & ISO 3499)
  • Positive-pressure cab system keeps dust and worksite byproducts out of the air the operator is breathing
  • Noise dampening cab reduces jobsite noise allowing the operator to focus on the work lights
  • Two front and two rear LEDs for increased jobsite visibility allowing the operator to work in difficult conditions
  • Adjustable, red safety curtain lights allow for a 3’ to 6’ perimeter around the machine as it is working - signaling to others the area to steer clear from
  • Orange operator light informs others that an operator is present and has powered on the machine
  • Green light informs others that the machine is ready for, or currently in, use
  • Blue arrow light shines 10 feet behind the machine as an additional safety marker 
  • 2-Speed Fan for increased airflow under warm conditions
  • Red, night light illuminates the cab without glare when working in dark conditions
  • Climate control knob offers heat and AC to ensure comfort during long days
  • Fan speed dial gives more precise adjustment of cab temperature
  • Switch to control forward and rear facing LED lights
  • Emergency brake control
  • Switch to enable hydraulic system
  • Controls for the windshield wipers and washer fluid allow easy access to jobsite visibility
  • The Viking Ride On Scraper VikingNational Flooring EquipmentPhone mount and USB outlet keeps your device charged and in close proximity
  • Cup holder ensure secure storage of beverage around electrical components
  • On/Off function controlled by ignition key
  • Emergency engine shut-off button
  • Rear-view camera display bring another level of safety to jobsite workers 
  • Windshield wiper keeps the windshield clear for optimal visibility
  • Slide plate view window provides clear line of site to the material being removed
  • Foot bar keeps feet clear from operator view window
  • Use one, two or three tooling holders to set the Viking™ up for any jobsite
  • Dual lift slide plate allows infinite adjustment of blade pitch and angle from the safety of the cab
  • Horn for increased jobsite awareness
  • Rear view mirrors for increased visibility and safety 
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