MCI-2062 Biological-Based Surface Cleaner

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Cortec's MCI-2062 is another biological-based concrete surface cleaner similar to MCI-2061. Both MCI cleaners make use of the natural abilities of microorganisms to biodegrade their target waste substances effectively without the use of harsh acidic or alkaline products. However, where MCI-2061 focuses on the critical task of digesting hydrocarbon stains, MCI-2062 targets stains from organic wastes, proteins, fats, greases, and starches. 

Cortec's MCI-2062 is particularly suited to concrete heavily soiled by organic wastes in and around dumpsters, restrooms, and food processing facilities.Cortec's MCI-2062 is particularly suited to concrete heavily soiled by organic wastes in and around dumpsters, restrooms, and food processing facilities.Cortec Corporation

MCI-2062 is a multipurpose concentrated bio-enzymatic blend formulated for general cleaning on a variety of surfaces. It combines powerful cleaning chemistry with free enzymes and microorganisms capable of biodegrading a wide range of organic waste in order to leave facilities sparkling clean and odor-free. All the components work in synergy: cleaning agents lift and disperse the waste while enzymes work to speed up digestion by microorganisms.

The microorganisms in MCI-2062 are preserved bacterial spores that remain inactive until MCI-2062 is applied. When MCI-2062 is used according to instructions, the spores germinate into active microorganisms. Spores that remain in the substrate after rinsing continue to degrade residual organic waste constituents of stains that were not removed in the initial cleaning process. This allows MCI-2062 to be able to deep-clean porous surfaces like concrete and even carpet or other permeable substrates stained with organic waste. Spores that are rinsed away will remain active and work to purify the rinse water even after cleaning by degrading the waste that has been washed away.

A Use-Case in Canada

BeforeBeforeCortec CorporationAs is common for food-service facilities that deal with bulk food waste, this restaurant had a large area of soiled concrete outside the back door leading to the dumpster. Facility management requested that the restaurant clean up the oil-stained slabs. The restaurant did not want to use an abrasive solution or one that would alter the concrete appearance, so MCI-2062 provided an excellent alternative. They applied it undiluted to the stains and then misted it with water to activate the microorganism spores. It was rinsed off a day later and left to dry.

AfterAfterCortec CorporationThe product was very effective, leaving the customer happy with the results.

Through the use of “green” chemistry, MCI-2062 helps achieve a cleaner facility and better-looking concrete without having to use harsh cleaning solvents and caustic acids or alkaline cleaners. In addition, to use as a concrete or hard surface cleaner, MCI-2062 can be applied to grease traps, drains, and septic tanks to help maintain a healthy microbiological population that helps with the natural digestion of organic wastes downstream.

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