C60 Updates Its Ready-Mix Producer Platform, World of Concrete 2024

C60 (booth N1063) is unveiling significant updates to its flagship C60 Opportunity Platform, which enables ready-mixed concrete producers to identify and drive profitability improvements thanks to the use of advanced analytics.

C60 Logo

During World of Concrete 2024, C60 is set to unveil what they are calling "significant updates" to the C60 Opportunity Platform - a solution to help ready-mix concrete producers "identify and drive profitability improvements" by way of advanced analytics.

C60 can be found at booth N1063 at World of Concrete from Jan. 23-25. They'll be providing demonstrations of how their cloud-based analytics technologies help ready-mix customers do more with less.

Quoted in the Jan. 15 announcement, “At C60, our goal is to get producers out of the spreadsheet/reporting business and have them focus on the ready mixed business,” says Ramy Sedra, CEO. “Although you can’t change the past, most ready mixed concrete producers are still pulling data, building reports, or compiling spreadsheets that look backward at what happened. C60 applies advanced analytics so producers can be forward-looking and pinpoint the opportunities they can act on to save money before it’s too late. We integrate the data, build the analytics, and serve the insights so you can focus on running your business.”

C60’s advanced analytics identifies inefficiencies across an entire RMC business. Showing dollar-quantified insights with specific improvement actions can help save money and allow operations with greater precision—with an end result of a better experience for customers.

“We are excited about this first round of updates, which will bring producers even more sales and margin information, instantly,” says Sedra. “Whether it is sales, customer margins, or trucking, we are constantly working on updates to provide producers the ability to make profit-enhancing decisions in the moment. Our goal is to help our producers work more efficiently and effectively.”

New Features

  • Margin by Customer. The key to unlocking consistent profits involves identifying impactful customers that either help or hurt your bottom line. The Margin by Customer feature computes the “margin on material” and “margin on material and delivery” for each customer. The system ranks customers based on profitability to help producers act on opportunities to improve underperforming customers or harvest more business from your top performers.
  • Sales Analyzer. The C60 Sales Analyzer helps producers answer ad hoc questions across all their customers that traditional financial reports cannot.​ This feature enables you to have a conversation using your sales data by filtering across time, plants, customers, projects, market segments, and more.​ If you have sales questions about your business, Sales Analyzer helps you get the answers you need.
  • Truck Usage. As RMC producers know, improving truck utilization is the key to reducing logistics costs. ​The Truck Usage dashboard allows you to evaluate your appropriate fleet size and quickly spot trucks in your fleet that may be candidates for either disposal, an improvement plan, or relocation to a plant that would make better use of the asset.
  • New Home Page. C60 also introduced several enhancements to their home page to help users focus on profits faster.​ These include seeing the impact of actions taken, how much you’ve realized, and what’s still available to capture.​ Delegated actions now are front and center, so you won’t miss a deadline.​They've designed it intending to make it easier to see the top opportunities across your business, so you can act on them faster.